The Fun of Sushi Trains

Do you eat Sushi?  I do!  I love it!

Crispy Chicken and Avacado

As a Texan I always wanted to find out more about sushi.  I had a funny feeling that it would be delicious, however everyone I ever spoke to said “Gross!”  No one ever wanted to visit a Sushi restaurant with me, so I never did.

Sushi Train

Now that I live in Australia; I eat at the Sushi Train every chance I get.  I had missed out for many years; not anymore!  This weekend; we visited a local mall.  In the middle of the mall was a train we had been eyeing for a while. It was time to give it a try.

 Ace Wasabi

While I was there, it occurred to me that many people are not aware of WHAT sushi really is.  Let me share my experience to help expel any myths or misunderstandings you might have.

First you are always welcomed at the sushi trains with enthusiasm.  I have never been to a train that I did not instantly feel at ease.  The staff have always been eager to please and make your visit memorable.  Then you chose your seat (most trains have a booth or a bar stool).  Both choices offer easy access to the “train”. 


The train carries the plates around in front of you so that you can choose what you want when you want it.  Kids love this!  It is fun for the whole family!





I love wasabi.  It is fantastic!  Clears your sinuses, you know…Whew!



Anyhow, I like to mix my wasabi with soy sauce to dip my sushi in.

Soy Wasabi 






So, as the train carries the food around, you chose what you want.  Most trains have a fantastic variety of foods.  Some of my favorites are:

Dim Sim 



Dim Sims – choice of pork, chicken, prawn




Crispy Chicken and Avacado


Crispy chicken and avocado (yes the chicken is fried)




Spring Rolls 


Yummy spring rolls with sweet chili sauce



All of these are fully cooked, of course.  Sashimi is the Japanese delicacy of raw fish that most Americans I know confuse with sushi.  The two are available at a train, but I chose the sushi.

Then I dip my sushi roll (like the crispy chicken above) in the mixture of wasabi and soy sauce and I devour it!  Delicious!

We enjoyed our visit to this sushi train and left with full tummies.

If you ever have a chance to visit a train; do!  You will not regret it!


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