DIY Halloween Costume From A Bed Sheet

Have you seen the best DVD ever; It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown?


Now here is a prime example of DIY Halloween Costumes on a budget!

As mentioned in my previous post Halloween Facts and Fiction, I address the issue of Halloween being a commercial holiday (or so says some people I have talked to).  Well, in this movie, Charlie Brown and his friends make their costumes out of regular bed sheets.  They simply cut holes for the mouth and eyes and off they go for a cost free, fun night of trick or treating dressed as ghosts – as seen in the picture above.

This year, I made my son’s costume using an old white bed sheet I had lying in my cupboard.  He will not be a ghost.  He is dressing up as

Wait for it…..


A Prison Convict!  Heheheheh….

If you’re wondering why; you should know that Australia was settled as a prison camp for convicts from England.  My little, mini-me is half Australian.  My humor got the best of me.  If you know anything about toddlers, and you factor in the Australian history, it only made perfect sense.

The only store bought items were a $5.00 white t-shirt (I ran short on time for making a shirt) and a ball and chain.

Originally I was planning to make a ball and chain out of some items around the house but there was this adorable one in the Sea World Halloween decoration box so I bought it.  The cost $9.00.

I will post a picture of his costume later.

This fellow above is NOT mini-me.  He is a photo I happened upon while looking online for inspiration.

Don't forget to check back for my version of the Australian Prison Convict.  Can’t wait for you to see….It is sooooooo cute!

Happy Halloween!  Stay Safe!

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Bev said...

Can't wait!!! Happy Halloween.

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