Cinderella's Slipper Chair

I went to a garage sale today and there in the corner, next to the gate, behind a bunch of other items was the most beautiful sight; a slipper chair.  She was peeking out ever so shyly at me.

Slipper Chair-1 I have always had a very soft spot in my heart for slipper chairs.  They are both functional and beautiful.

This chair had long been neglected.  Today, it was sitting in the rain, very unloved.  I adopted her on the spot for $10.00.

I’m still working on how to fix’er up.  For a little inspiration; I browsed the internet.

slipper chair 5slipper chair 2









  I like the similar lines found in this chair and tassels are always fun….slipper chair 4How interesting is this slipper?  The seat cushion looks so similar to mine.  The curvy back is beautiful and the tufts, I adore.

Slipper chair

This photo caught my eye immediately.  I love it! The fabric is so beautiful.  Don’t you want that pillow?  I do!  It has Wow factor!slipper-chair-3_1-120X120You can’t tell in this photo; but these chairs are gorgeous.  I love the blue piping and the white fabric with tufts on both the seat cushion and back.  My favorite part is the dark pillows against the light fabric.  Simple, classic elegance on such a traditional piece.slipper chair 3This chair looks so similar to mine.  The back is a bit smaller.  Such a sophisticated lady.

I have so many options with fabrics, tufts, no tufts, skirts, and throw pillows.

Slipper Chair-1 Please chime in with your thoughts.  Do you see this chair in a particular fabric or style?

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Karen@StrictlySimpleStyle said...

I tend to like simple, clean lines so the last couple of examples were my favorite. But it's not my chair, can't wait to see what you do.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I love the chair and can't wait to see what you do with it! The last example was my favorite and then you can get the WOW with a pillow!

Anonymous said...

this is an adorable chair!!It looks like it would be fairly easy to make a slipcover for and wouldn't it be fun to make several slipcovers for the different seasons!!?One made in an off white denim would be fun and the accessorize with a pretty pillow too!

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