Baking Soda Cleans Everything!

Baking soda has many, many, many uses. 

My favorite:



Yum, yum, yum to my tum, tum, tum.

Tonight I made Velveeta burgers with the Velveeta Mom sent in a care package – luv ya Mom!

Melted cheese and burgers leave one heck of a mess in the skillet!

Sorry for the ugly picture.  It was an ugly mess...

Fortunately, I have a trick to easily remedy this situation.


Baking Soda!

I am always amazed at the number of people who do not know this trick.

First add enough water to the scary skillet to cover the burnt food.  Then put in enough baking soda to cover the bottom.Add Baking Soda-1

 Boil until you see the food begin to lift.  (I do this while I load the dishwasher).SL374074

Wipe with a cloth and rinse.

Clean-1 Wa-lah!

SL374218 Clean skillet!

I’m brilliant in the kitchen!  Now off to have a chocolate brownie!

Before I go; I am placing a request for tips and tricks you use baking soda for.

Just leave your tip in the comment form below.!

We luv sharing around here!

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newlocation said...

I just Love how easy you make this look!
In fact can't wait for my next dirty pot!
Now that;s saying something!
Bring it on!

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