Baby’s Room Updated Lamp Shade

Last week I showed you how I updated the baby's room lamp.  I promised to follow up with a tutorial on how I made the shade.

SL374440 Here is the original shade that came with the lamp.

Original Shade The first step to recovering it was to take the trim off, of course.

Remove Trim I discarded the old trim and laid the shade flat on the “wrong side” of the new fabric.

Create TemplateTo make a pattern for a rounded shade; you begin at the shade seam –  which has been placed close to the edge of the fabric – and then you rest a marking pencil along the bottom edge of the shade.  You roll the shade, and the pencil, marking the fabric until you reach the seam of the shade again.  You repeat this process with the top edge of the shade making sure that the bottom edge is aligned with the markings you previously made.  When you are finished, you will have two curved lines the width of the shade.

Cut Out CoverCut along the lines.  You now have a cover for your lamp shade.  Before I placed this new cover on the shade, I wanted to add a coordinated trim.  To make the trim, I cut 3 inch wide, long, strips of my second fabric.

Sew Trim I sewed the two strips together and folded them in half, lengthwise, with the seam on the inside.

Pleat Trim1 To make the pleats, I sewed the cut edge of my fabric using a basting stitch.  While basting I folded the fabric into pleats at equal spacing [in the photo I just pleated the blue squares; I then folded the white square #2 up to the edge of #1 white square creating the next pleat].

Hot Glue Trim

I used hot glue to secure the trim to the bottom of the lamp shade.  Then I hot glued the shade cover on top of the trim and the top edge of the shade. 


The addition of matching upholstery trim not only hides the cut edge of the fabric, but also adds textured interest.  [The trim is also attached using hot glue.]  On this shade I used a thick trim on the bottom.

Trim Top For the top I chose a thinner trim than the bottom.


This shade looks perfect on top of the lamp base.  The best part is that it matches mini-me’s foot stool.


I love custom furnishings!

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