Picture Fame Retouch

While at my favorite garden center this weekend I saw this frame on the clearance shelf.  It was 50% off and I fell in love with it. September 6, 2010 018 Today I touched it up to make it feel more at home with it’s new family.

Not only was it a little too plain for my taste;September 6, 2010 030but there were very obvious reasons for it’s clearance price.  A little hot glue fixed that right up.  Now for the blandness…September 6, 2010 037This is very easily fixed with a little paint, water, sponge and brush.  I mixed the paints to the color I wanted [I used black, rust, and gold]; added a little water so that it was thinned.

I brushed the paint on making sure to get into all of the crevices [just a small area at a time].  Then I used the dampened sponge to wipe the paint off. September 6, 2010 038 Using this method leaves bits of paint behind and adds depth to the frame.September 6, 2010 044

  I added a photo of my favorite boys and I couldn’t be happier. 

September 6, 2010 049 The perfect photo frame!

This is such an easy makeover!  Everything looks better with a little color!

Have you painted anything lately?

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Your THRIFTY frame looks great!


Debbie said...

I agree everything does look better with a tad of color. Looks great! Thanks for you opinions and feedback on my last post....it really all was so helpful!!~

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