“No Paint” Wall Art Words

SL373751You remember the chalkboard I made a few weeks ago for my kitchen?

It was lonely.  : (  There was a huge space on the wall above it and I desperately wanted to put something written there.  I started my search in all of the ordinary places, home stores, decorating stores, craft stores.  I couldn’t find a unique phrase that I liked.  When I found letters they were either too small or not the right font.

I knew I couldn’t paint the words.  If I didn’t like them, they were permanent and besides; we are renting this house.  Mr. AK would have a conniption fit if I painted black words on a wall in a rental.

To solve my dilemma was easy.  I purchased a roll of black contact paper from Big W for $4.00.  It was enough to paper my whole house (so there’s plenty for many more projects to come).  


At home, I printed out the words Bon Appétit in the font and size I wanted.

SL373752I taped the words to the top of the contact paper and cut them out (the photo above is after I cut them – sorry I didn’t take the before) SL373696I then took the back off the contact paper and stuck the words directly to the wall.  I used a ruler to make sure they were at the angle I wanted.  It’s that easy!

When Mr. AK came into the kitchen after I put the word “Bon” on the wall, he did indeed have a fit.  He actually thought I had painted the wall!  Tells you just how good it looks, huh? (All was forgiven once he saw me putting “Appétit”).SL373751

To remove, you simply peel the contact paper off.

Now my chalkboard is lonely no more and Mr AmericKim, who speaks French fluently, starts talking in the “language of love” every time he enters the kitchen and sees the sign.  Win, win.   ; )

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Biljana said...

Wow! Looks great:)
Have a great day:)
Greetings from Europe, Biljana

Debbie said...

Now that was very very clever! They sell the wall words, however they are expensive. THis is great! I love it, and it looks good on your wall next to the chalkboard.

Shanarun said...

Great idea... one of those, "Why didn't I think of that!?" moments. :)
And of course I already have black contact paper from something else, lucky me. :)

bev said...

Where do you get such clever ideas?? I love it!

craftymamablog said...

I love this idea! I'm always eyeing vinyl decals on walls, I think they're adorable! Now I know how to do them myself!

Shanarun said...

Hi! I used your great idea to create a mini-scene on our dining room wall and linked it to this post. Thanks!

You can take a look here: http://shanarunacreativespace.blogspot.com/2010/10/halloween-decor-contact-paper-and.html

Grussing Pike Tribe said...

One "trick" I use is to tape the entire printed page with your text on it onto the contact paper (you can cut close to the text if you want) and use an exacto knife to cut the text out. Saves you the effort of cutting the text out twice. :) This is also a great technique for doing images. Great post, by the way!

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