MCG Chalkboard Party Decoration

Mr. AmericKim has several games planned for our party (click here for information on what party).  Kinda’ like “betting” games.  He will ask everyone to forecast which team will win, with how many goals, etc.  To make this more fun, I wanted to have a “Scoreboard”.
I had a piece of board that I had painted with some leftover chalkboard paint.  What did I use the chalkboard paint on previously?  Find out here.  It was sitting in the garage not being used.
It would make the perfect scoreboard!
I took some white paper, drew some letters to spell “MCG Scoreboard” and cut them out.
I then glued them to the top edge of the board using a ruler to make sure they were somewhat straight. [I originally planned to use pre-made timber letters so they would be raised a little.  Not only did they shoot the cost of this project (for a one time use) to an unacceptable amount, but all of the letters were not available at the store I was in, so I opted for the cheaper more cost effective choice.  Yes, it looks “home made” but the fact is; it is home made, with luuuuuv : ) ]
Since I didn’t like the look of the paper letters, I decided to add paint to them.
I also added a line under the title.  Then as Mr. AK directed I put “G” “B” and “P” for the scores.
I have not yet made the Team names.  These will not be permanent, since each year the teams will change.  I will have a photo of the finished product next week to show you how it looks and how we used it!  I can’t wait to put it into action!  Oh, and did I mention, this project cost $0 – that’s right, nothing!  Smile, dance, hip hip hooray!
While I was waiting for the paint to dry, I decided to decorate one other item.
Do you remember my Chalkboard Rocks for Halloween?  Here is another use:
It’s funny what the flash does on some photos.  They really do look nice.  They are beautifully black (a color that BOTH teams have, and the words show up quite nicely).  I love how many different uses you can have with these decorative rocks! 
The chalk rinses off with water and they are ready for the next celebration!
Have you made any party decorations lately? 

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Bev said...

How perfect can that cost be. When we are all trying to save a little, you show us a way to save and have fun with friends.

Great job!

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