The Making of A Chalkboard

I had an old print standing in my garage that I wasn’t sure what to do with.   As I was looking at it one day it suddenly occurred to me that this print was just the size I had been looking for to make a blackboard for my kitchen counter.  We entertain a lot and the chalkboard I have been using to put messages or menus on was much too small. 

The first thing I had to do was remove the paper backing. 

September 2, 2010 020Once the backing was removed, I pried up the staples and removed the print from the frame.  September 2, 2010 019Cherry red was my color of choice.  I had it left over from a lamp redo (here)so it wouldn’t be a waste if I didn’t like it. September 3, 2010 003

September 3, 2010 004 I like it….After the red paint was dry; I taped off the inside edge. September 3, 2010 005Since this blackboard is going into my kitchen, I decided to tie it into the kitchen stool I recently revamped  (click here to see if it ties in).  To do this, I painted the inside edge with the same liquid chrome I had used on the stool. September 3, 2010 006 While the paint was drying, I painted the front of the print with chalkboard paint.  (don’t worry – it was an old, ugly, unwanted print). September 2, 2010 014 Next I peeled off the tape.  Then, reinserted the print come chalkboard into the frame.  I left it to dry and went about my day. September 3, 2010 015

When I came back to see my finished project; much to my surprise I found a visitor!  September 3, 2010 019Okay, yes I am a bug-a-phobic…but I swear, as I was selflessly putting myself in harms way to get an accurate photo of this horribly ugly creature; it reared up at me! September 3, 2010 025It’s in attack mode, isn’t it!?!  Now for those of you who do not realize this…I am a humble country girl from Texas (scorpions, armadillos, even cow ants); but I now live in Australia!!!  How many of the world’s most deadly creatures are here?  I can’t remember!  This is definitely one of them.  Nothing would rear back like that unless it had something deadly to offer!

Okay – now I have to decide…how much do I love my new chalkboard?  September 3, 2010 026Off he goes as I make a mad dash for the door – chalkboard in hand of course!

After a few moments of calming….

One last touch and this baby is done! September 6, 2010 003 I printed this on my computer.  Placed it perfectly in the center of the top of my chalkboard and September 6, 2010 005traced the letters with gentle but firm pressure.  This left a tracing behind.  I filled in the tracing with white paint.  The end result….

september 7, 2010 013a beautiful, useful and cheeky chalkboard for my kitchen.  Minus the deadly creature from the backyard, of course.

I must be perfectly honest…I did not make dinner tonight – we ordered out.  Roast chicken tomorrow…perhaps.

My next kitchen project is the curtains.  Here is a preview of my fabric-less window.  I can’t wait!september 7, 2010 018Do you have any ideas for this window?  I welcome your suggestions :)

If you like chalkboard paint, like me, I made some lovely rocks.  The tutorial is here.


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Sandra said...

Great makeover on the chalkboard and so fun for a kitchen. Your deadly critter made me laugh...I am in Arizona where I swear everything stings, bites or pokes!

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I will admit to having a love affair with chalk board paint. You did a great job and that red gavie it the perfect pop.
another friday's favorite!

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