Lamp Make-over

I bought this lamp at a local thrift store.  It cost $3.00.

I love the lamp, it is perfect for any room.

September 1, 2010 018  Only one problem I could see; it looks boring.

I had to paint it.  I decided red would be the ticket.

Since I couldn’t find a “red” spray paint I liked; I figured I would buy a regular can of red paint and faux finish it with a black.  The can of paint I bought was called “cherry red”.

I taped the lamp parts I didn’t want paint on (including the cord).

September 1, 2010 020

Primed the lamp and

September 1, 2010 022

sprayed it cherry red. September 3, 2010 003

September 1, 2010 027

Call me crazy, but I like it.  I decided not to push my luck

so no faux finish.  I’m keeping the red.

I added a beautiful shade and set it on the counter in my kitchen (red is the theme, remember my chalkboard?) 

september 7, 2010 022

Later this week, I am hoping to decorate the shade, take some decent photos and show you the finished product.

I really, really am excited about the red!  I hope I can find the perfect trim for the shade!





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