Jell-O (Jelly for Australia) Party Cups

I have always known this as Jell-O.  In Australia, it is called jelly.  As a matter of fact; my spell check is trying desperately to correct me.  For this blog; I will be calling it J-E-L-L-O (love the song).

This is a recipe I threw together for my AFL Grand Final Party; all the while I was thinking how great it will be to make it with a Halloween twist. [ I will use raspberry and orange jellos with candy corns and Halloween stickers.]  Until then, here is the AFL Grand Final version….

Finished Jello Cup-1

For this project you need plastic cups, dessert spoons, two boxes of Jell-O, and ribbons.

Jello Cup supplies

I had some leftover printouts from previous party decorations that I trimmed and taped to the plastic cup.  I then set the cup into a cupcake tray (just to keep them steady).

Jello Cup with decal 

I mixed the Jell-O as per package instruction (you know; one cup of boiling water, 3/4 cup of cold water, stir stir stir).  I filled 4 cups with half of the red Jell-O; and 4 cups with half of the blue Jell-O.

Jello Cups  

I placed fresh fruit into each cup.  I used strawberries and bananas.  Then I refrigerated for 10 minutes.

Chef timer on ten minutes

When my chef timer told me it was time, I poured the remaining Jell-O on top of their matching cups (red Jell-O divided amongst red Jell-O filled cups, etc.)

I refrigerated overnight (or at least until set).

Just before the party; I tied the plastic spoons around the cups.Jello Cup with spoon

I used yarn that I was using in other decorations, but twine, ribbon, or raffia would look great!

Then I put mini marshmallows on top and served.

Finished Jello Cup-1

As I was visiting my favorite blogs today; I noticed at Centsational Girl, Kate had made some Halloween stickers. 

create collage in picasa

 (just click on the photo to visit Centsational Girl’s post)

Her tutorial was wonderful and when I get ready to do these Jell-O cups for my Halloween party; I will be following her instructions for the stickers.  Aren’t they just precious?

The kids loved them and clean up was a cinch! Just throw away the cup and spoon!


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Bev said...

What a clever idea. This will be great for my Halloween party. Can't wait to experiment!!!

Biljana said...

Looks great:))
Greetings from Europe, Biljana

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