AFL Grand Final Party Supplies

2010aflgfhigh150I wanted to keep up with my party planning theme this week here at AmericKim’s Home. 

Since I spent most of my day running about shopping for supplies, I had no project to share.  Instead, I wanted to show you a few items I will be using to help tie into the Footy theme.

First I browsed the internet. 150px-Leigh_matthews_statueIsn’t this the coolest picture?  I’ll have to visit this statue one day and take my own photo.

2006_AFL_St_Kilda collingwood-magpies-logo








Next, I had to get inspiration.  These are the two teams playing in the Grand Final.

Their colors, you ask? Easy peasy: for the Grand Final, all colors are Red, White, and Black!  How simple will that be to decorate?  I’m such a lucky gal.

Now for my favorite job; SHOPPING!!!

I still am unable to find any Grand Final, St. Kilda, Collingwood, or even Carlton (the team we follow in our house) party supplies.  What do we creative sort do when we can’t find something?


These are the plates we’ll use.SL373772Can you guess why?SL373762grandfinal  







I also came across these little beautiesSL373771With the rambunctious crowd we’ll have, I thought we might need them. 

As I was leaving a store, what did my little eyes spy?


A trophy!

We are planning some friendly games you’ll hear more about later.  This little guy, he’s going to be a prize. And guess what he’s doing…


Drinking beer!  The drink of choice at the Grand Final! (did you notice his beer belly? I have to find a battery because I think he sings too)


I couldn’t get a clear photo, but his plaque says “World Champion”. 

Looks like I have a lot to do now, I better get busy.

What are your favorite prizes to give away at your parties?  I love to hear your comments, please drop a line to say “Hi”.


I am linking up Children’s Wall Letters to the DIY Showoff today.  Stop by and see..


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