AFL Grand Final Party 2010

 Even my mini chef got into the spirit!

We decorated…

 Footy tablecloth decorated

Even my mini – chef got into it….

Go St. Kilda! 

We cooked….

Breakfast nook Grand final

We gathered together…


we watched the score with great enthusiasm…SL373949

Some of us won….

Collingwood ahead

then lost….

Collingwood behind

and in the end…



Cant be a draw

What shock!  We have to wait until this weekend to find out who the AFL Grand Final 2010 Winners will be!!!!


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Debbie said...

Whooo hooo...looks like a fun party!

Anonymous said...

Remember you just had the party - the teams played the game. Looked like everyone was having fun!!! How many times can someone use "dated" decorations twice?? Party this weekend (round two).

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