Spring in Australia

As I am mentally (being an American) getting ready to settle into Fall ; the world around me (Australia) is turning to Spring. 
To help get me into the spirit of Spring; I decided to do a little online surfing. 
Better Homes & Gardens has a beautiful magazine as well as television show.
Here is how they have inspired me yet again:

BHG has a way with textures, don’t they?

  They suggest that you put your desk facing out of the window to soak in the beautiful spring views.  I must say, here in Australia, there are views galore!
The bright, bold colors mix so well with the more subdued greens…Swoon!  I can see my Halloween decorations right here in this room.
Couldn’t  you just envision white pumpkins spread across this table-scape?  I could.  Perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving, yet so very Spring.  I love the carpet.  Bringing the outdoors in is so stylish on any occasion.
Wow!  Perfect colors for all seasons! Love, Love, Love….The green really pops.
Ok, you just must visit the magazine here!  They explain it so much better.
Did you read my post a few days ago on making your own wall art?  They suggest the same. (Do great minds think alike, or what?)
Now, I saved my fav for last.  This is where Better Homes and Gardens suggest using today’s beautiful supply of plastics (yes, plastics) especially if you have children.  BINGO!  My little guy can single handedly demolish an entire room in 2.5 seconds flat.
Just yesterday, he shattered my favorite glass candy dish into pieces before we even knew he had it.  Plastic!  Who’d of thought?
I’m off to the store now…Plastics are in my very near future.
Have a Happy whatever season you’re in,

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