Silk Flower Arrangements


I believe every home must have layers, upon layers of texture.  I adore live plants; utilize fresh flowers every day; but nothing compares to the effects of silk flowers.  They never die, they never shed and they require absolutely no maintenance.  Perhaps my favorite aspect of the silk flowers are that since we travel a lot, I never have to worry about coming home to dead flowers.

I began making flower arrangements many years ago.  You really can’t go wrong.

First you pick a vase ( I deliberately picked a vase that I would not normally use, just to show you how easy it is to create an appealing  flower arrangement in any type of vase):


Then chose the flowers that will best match your decor and taste.  Be sure to add complimentary greenery.

August 21, 2010 005

I always add a dried component and a feather accent.  This provides texture as well as draws the eye to different areas of the arrangement.  Here I used a dried pod.

August 21, 2010 005

I also love to add some sort of “sticks” (you’ll note the “curls” these bring to the arrangement – like movement around the flowers).

August 21, 2010 006

This was very easy to put together.  I added a very small piece of foam, but since the opening is so small, the hot glue I use makes the arrangement permanent all on it’s own.

It’s small, but the bright red flowers make such an impact in the room.

Did you notice the way I strategically placed it next to hubby’s 007 collection?  Cheeky don’t you think? :)

Later this week I will be posting other silk arrangements I have made.  My taste in arrangements are usually a bit more traditional; as you will see.

Please leave your comments…..I love to hear from you.

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