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AHM Black & White

Several years ago I was window shopping at a modern furniture store in Dallas (window shopping because I could not afford anything in this particular store, but I loved the inspiration it provided my DIY nature). 

Suddenly, there on the wall I spied a few large canvases of a woman’s feet, hands, and even one of some legs.  They were black and white and absolutely beautiful!

While I loved them, I couldn’t help but think…Why would you want a picture of someone else’s feet on your wall?

boysfaces 015

Then it hit me!   I had my inspirations, with their chubby little hands firmly holding both of mine!

boysfaces 014

I rushed home and began.   It took several attempts to get the photos I wanted.  I discovered that in general, I like the “expressionless” look.  I don’t want goofy smiles, or squinting eyes.  Those have their time and place.  For my wall art, I don’t desire that.

Here is how I turn my photos into art:

Take a photo with your digital camera. The closer to the subject the better.

Iphone June 2010 003 Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Mini-me looks adorable.  Never mind the hair,  background and foreground messes.

Then load your picture into the photo editing software of your choice.  Make sure the software is flexible in how you size and move your image around.

Crop the photo moving your cutting tool around until you get it just right.  I try to get as close as I can without distorting my subject. It will all depend on what part of the photo you want to focus on (me, I love the fat little cheeks and chin in this one).

AHM baby

I try to make the photo visually interesting.  In this photo the wisps of hair are highlighted. 

Then chose the black and white editing tool. I find that when I relieve the photo of color (just like when there is no goofy smile) all that is left are the features you are trying to capture.

Even though I turned this photo to black and white, you can still tell he has large blue eyes (see the brown eyes in the first photo).

AHM Black & White

I always make sure to save the new photo under a different name, just in case I want to start over again.

Once you have it just the way you like it; save it to a thumb drive and have it printed on a canvas or poster.  Then have it mounted to a frame and hang it.

Depending on the size you want and where you go; you can have these printed and mounted for around $50 to $60. I have gone to Kinko’s and Kmart. Some places don’t mount them.  You’ll want to ask in advance.

You can even purchase kits to mount your own photos.  I have never done that.  I prefer to take it somewhere.

You will love preserving your memories while decorating your walls with modern art work!

What an inexpensive fun way to decorate!


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Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

I have always had a 'thing' for those up close baby cheeks.
A friday's favorite for sure~ come link up!

Fariha Sultana said...

Personalized Wall Art

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