Footstool Find

Wow!  How lucky was I when I found this adorable little footstool in a local thrift shop.  This stool was the perfect size to use just about anywhere in the house (including next to the bathtub when watching my little guy take his nightly bath).  The best part; it only set me back $4.00!  Less than my daily mocha.

Purty, isn't she?

I just couldn't wait to begin the revamp.  The first step I did was to take the legs off.  I hit the jackpot with this.  The legs are simply attached to a wood base with a double ended screw.  All I had to do was unscrew them.  Just too easy!

Since the gold metal ends didn't easily remove from the bottom of the legs, and I decided that I kinda liked them, I masked them off with tape.  Then I turned the legs upside down and screwed them onto an old box.  I spray painted them with gloss black and left them on the box to dry.

While the legs were drying, I began to take the vinyl cover off of the seat cushion.  Both the cover and the cushion were in excellent condition, so no worries there.  Once free of the cushion, I was able to use the vinyl cover to measure my new fabric. (The most important thing to remember when using the old cover as a pattern is to include seam allowance.)  I had a bit of leopard print fabric that I thought would make a great statement for this stool.  I, however, thought the whole stool in this print would be a bit much for my decor, so I opted for a plush black for the rope trim and sides.

With the seam allowances in mind, I cut a circle out of the print and a rectangle for the sides.  I then covered enough rope in the black fabric to trim out the top and bottom of the stool.  (You can find any size rope trim you want in the upholstery section of your favorite fabric store.)  I took half of the rope trim, sandwiched it between the right sides of the circle print and the black rectangle, pinning it as I went.  I made sure that the ends of the covered rope met evenly and slipstitched them together (I didn't have to worry about my fabric fraying)  Every so often I would clip the fabrics to the seam allowances to make the curves a little easier.  When I came to the ends of the rectangle; I folded the seam allowances toward the wrong side of the fabric and pinned the top of the rectangle to the circle.  (if this sounds a bit confusing - you want to sew the rope trim and the rectangle completely around the print circle; but leave the sides of the rectangle open to be sewn by hand once placed on the stool).  After I was happy with my "pinning"; I sewed the fabrics together with a zipper foot.  I placed my stitch as close to the rope as I could.  Done with the hard part!  Wew (wipe of the forehead)....

The next step was to stretch my cover over the cushion of the stool.  With the cover still inside out, I placed the circle ontop of the cushion and then pulled the black rectangle down over the sides.  I made sure it was a tight even fit all the way around. 

Once I was happy with the placement; I slipstitched the open sides of the rectangle together. 

Now I turned my stool over to work on the bottom.  First, I found a gorgeous beaded trim I wanted to use to decorate my stool.  Since this trim had a white ribbon attachment, and I didn't want it to show (not even on the bottom of the stool), I also grabbed a thick black ribbon to attach it to.  I cut the beaded trim and ribbon to the same size as my remaining rope trim.  I placed the rope, beaded trim and ribbon together; in that order.  I stitched them together as close to the rope and beads as I could with the black ribbon covering the white beaded trim.  Once sewn together I stapled these to the edge of the stool as close to the rope as I could.  I screwed the legs back into place...

Turned over the stool....
and Whala!

I love it!

Such Style!  Such Class!  Yet so functional and a bit of fun!

I enjoy this stool so very much!  I had all of the supplies already on hand.  This means the total cost of this beautiful stool....$4.00!  Hurray for bargains!

Do you have a favorite bargain buy that you put your special stamp on?  Please share with me.  I would love to hear your success stories!

Have a great week and watch out for those little hidden treasures!

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Vintagesouthernlife said...

You did a great job... and what a bargain! I love animal prints.
Doesn't it feel great to get a good deal :-)

Suesan said...

You did a fabulous job. I love animal prints, but my people would freak if I actually brought them into my home. I'll enjoy vicariously through you.

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