Elegant Throw

As you are probably aware, it is winter here in Australia.  While I live on the Gold Coast where it doesn't get very cold; there were a few nights and days of very uncomfortable coolness.  I desperately longed for a cozy blanket to hide under on those cool nights.

While out shopping, I spotted the perfect throw! It had several faux, fur animal prints.  It would look perfect with my stool (you can see here) I had to have it; then I looked at the price!  Oh my...could it really be that much?  I gasped at the tag, $249.00.  I  could not justify such an expense, especially considering how warm the weather usually is.  But alas, I had the perfect fabrics at home to make my own.


The purpose of this photo is to show you the different fabrics and how I mixed them.  I am not a very good photographer, but I assure you this blanket is divine.  It is very cozy and adds the perfect amount of elegance to the room.  So plush.....so warm....soooooo very beautiful.

 Better still --- the cost.  I bought the fabrics for under $50.00.

To make this throw:
  1.  pick a base fabric in the size you want
  2.  serge different size prints and faux furs together to equal the same size as the base
  3.  serge the top (prints) to the base fabric "right" sides together, leaving an opening along one side
  4.  turn the "right" sides out through the opening 
  5.  hand stitch the opening closed
  Enjoy your comfort.  I know I have. 

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