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I must say getting a good night's sleep lately has been very difficult.  I could not figure out why I woke up so tired every morning. 
Finished 2
This morning; looking at the unmade bed; my hubby proclaimed, in a rather disgusted voice, "No wonder you don't sleep well!  Look at the bed."

I turned to find a muddle of duvet and cover.   Suddenly I recalled that somewhere in the middle of the night I had pulled the duvet cover up to my shoulders only to find there was no duvet inside.  Ah ha!
Side view
To fix the shifting of the duvet inside of the cover is simple.  I have done this many times before (why I didn't with this new cover still evades me...).
While I was making the bed, I fixed my problem.... 
Duvet on top 2
I turned the cover inside out and sewed a piece of ribbon (9")
to each of the top corners.  Then I folded the two corners together to find the middle of the top and sewed another ribbon there. Please note that I was careful to only sew on the seam of the cover  (I did not want to sew the front and back of the cover together).
Duvet on top
I repeated the process on the bottom of the cover.  Then again on the duvet itself.  All together, I ended up sewing 12 ribbons.
Duvet on top
With the cover still inside out; I laid the duvet on top of the cover and tied the three top ribbons on the cover to the three top ribbons on the duvet. I find that it is good to put a double knot to ensure that the ribbons won’t come loose.
Duvet on top
I then turned the cover right side out, over the top of the duvet.

Now with the top of the duvet secured inside of my cover; I tied the bottoms together.  I buttoned the cover closed and finished making my bed. 
Bottom of coverPretty cording, huh? (love the details) 
This whole process took me about 15 minutes and cost nothing, but tonight I will have 8 hours of comfort and rest. ZzZzZ...
Finished 1
I love my duvet and can I mention; the colors in the cover are so warm and inviting.

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I love following your blog. bjm

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