America Celebrating Fall


Jack-o-lantern costumeCute, huh? 

With the USA getting ready for fall, it seems everyone is calling for Autumn craft and decoration ideas.

Since Spring is now here in Australia, I figured the best option for me would be to post a photo of my favorite Jack-o-lantern.  My house is not in fall motif at this time.

This is the Halloween costume I made for my baby last year. (isn’t he adorable?)

We have to keep the costumes light in fabric here as the weather tends to be quite warm at the end of October. 

I love home made Halloween costumes.  Not only are they so much more personal; but they look nicer.  I also believe that because they are more durable than the store bought ones, my children will be able to pass them down to their children in years to come.

I have been making my children’s costumes for fifteen years now, and I have never grown tired of it.  This pattern was purchased from Walmart twelve years ago. 

I can’t wait to get started on this year’s costume.  We are already discussing what we might want to be.

What will you dress up as this year?

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The DIY Show Off said...

Thanks for sharing!

I always made my girls' Halloween costumes too. There were always more unique and fun and occasionally won a prize too! I do love fall but hate what comes after that so I'm jealous of your spring season starting! ;)

Have a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Your pumpkin is adorable!!!

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